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What Was Said During Class of 2011 Announcement

By U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame, 08/01/11, 9:00AM MDT


Chris Chelios, Mike Emrick, Ed Snider, Gary Suter and Keith Tkachuk will be enshrined as the United States Hockey Hall of Fame Class of 2011 it was announced today by USA Hockey. The five-member class will be formally installed into the Hall in Chicago this fall, with a date to be announced in the near future.

“It’s an extraordinary class,” said Ron DeGregorio, president of USA Hockey. "The varied contributions to the landscape of hockey in our country is truly amazing and, collectively, this class has positively impacted every level of hockey."

Here's more of what was said about each inductee:

Chris Chelios

What he said:

“It’s pretty hard to believe when it all started back in Squaw Valley (first Team USA experience)”

“The fact it’s going to be in Chicago where I started my youth hockey days will make it all the more special.”

What they said about him:
“He’s the godfather of USA Hockey”
- Keith Tkachuk

“I think one of the very greatest American players to put on the USA jersey and to play the game”
- Dave Ogrean 

Mike Emrick

What he said:

“You don’t forget where you were when you get the call … I was in Pittsburgh on the subway on my way to see the Pirates play.”

“I’m honored for this induction … and that I can still get in free to see hockey games.”

What they said about him:
“I love watching the sport of hockey on TV and (Emrick) makes it that much better.”
- Keith Tkachuk  

Ed Snider

What he said:

“I’ve seen our city grow from very few people who knew what a puck was to 2 million people at each of our Stanley Cup parades.”

“To see all the great U.S. born players throughout the league is thrilling and very satisfying.”

What they said about him:
“Mr. Snider planted the flag of NHL hockey in Philadelphia ... That was an absolutely catalytic moment for amateur hockey and youth hockey in this country.”
- Dave Ogrean   

Keith Tkachuk

What he said:

“You feel like you’re 8 feet tall the first time you put (a Team USA jersey) on.”

“If it wasn’t for (1980 team) I probably wouldn’t have played hockey.”

“I feel like I owe USA Hockey to do my part to get more kids to play hockey.”

What they said about him:
"I remember getting my wrist wrapped by the same doctor in Lillehamer who was wrapping Keith Tkachuk's wrist the same day ... I fell down a flight of stairs and broke my wrist. Keith got his injury a little more nobally than I did." 

Gary Suter

What he said:

“Any young athlete dreams of growing up and some day making the hall of fame.”

What they said about him:
“It was a great thrill to play with one of my best friends”
- Chris Chelios

“One of the very best blueliners who has played in the NHL as an American.”
- Dave Ogrean