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Walter A. Brown

BIRTHPLACE: Boston, Mass.

BORN: February 10, 1905

DIED: September 7, 1964

TEAMS/ASSOCIATIONS: Boston Gardens, Boston Bruins, International Ice Hockey Federation



Following in the footsteps of his father George Brown, also an enshrinee of the United States Hockey Hall of Fame, Walter Brown made great and significant contributions to American hockey, particularly in the area of the international game.  Brown coached the Boston Olympics senior team between 1930 and 1940 and won five United States national amateur championships.  The pinnacle was reached in 1933 when this team captured the World Championships at Prague as representatives of the United States.  Brown arranged a vigorous exhibition schedule for this team both before and after the five-game World Championship series.  All told, including the World Championships, the team won 44, lost 3, and tied 3.  Playing on this team were United States Hockey Hall of Fame enshrinees John Chase, John Garrison and Ding Palmer. 

Brown succeeded his father as general manager of Boston Gardens in 1937 and continued a policy of strong support for hockey in the schools and colleges.  As the years passed his involvement with hockey became deeper and at the time of his death he was president of the Boston Gardens, member of the Hockey Hall of Fame (Toronto) Governing Committee, co-owner and president of the Boston Bruins, and past president of the International Ice Hockey Federation. 

In 1960, as chairman of the United States Olympic Ice Hockey Committee he played a significant role in the selection of the gold medal winning United States team. 

In resolution at its 1965 convention in Madison, Wisconsin, the Amateur Hockey Association of the United States said it all: "...pays tribute to his outstanding devotion to the Amateur Hockey Association of the United States, and recognizes the leadership that Mr. Brown, over the great many years, gave to the development of amateur hockey in the United States and throughout the world."