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Thomas F. Lockhart


BORN: March 21, 1892

DIED: May 18, 1979

TEAMS/ASSOCIATIONS: Amateur Hockey Association of the United States



Tom Lockhart's name has been synonymous with amateur hockey in the United States since the early 1930's, when he took over the organization and promotion of the game in New York City.  Long interested and active as a cyclist, boxer and track competitor, he organized the Eastern Amateur Hockey League in 1933, and in the fall of 1937 founded the Amateur Hockey Association of the United States (AHAUS).  The latter without a doubt has been Lockhart's greatest achievement in the world of sports. 

Lockhart and other hockey enthusiasts in the United States realized hockey people were required to run the game efficiently on a nationwide basis.  Until then, the sport has been under the direction of varying athletic governing bodies for various time periods.  AHAUS has continued to grow and prosper over the years. 

The first national youth hockey tournaments for boys under high school age was held in 1949.  Presently, national tournaments in seven different classes are held annually.  In the past decade youth hockey has displayed a tremendous growth in the country and at the present time the game is played in 44 of the 50 states.  There are now literally hundreds of thousands of kids and tens of thousands of teams presently competing in formal programs around the country - all a tribute to Tom Lockhart's vision. 

Lockhart's other hockey endeavors have involved supervising the New York Metropolitan Amateur League, coaching and managing the New York Rovers of the Eastern Amateur League, and serving as business manager of the New York Rangers.  He has also served on the United States Olympic Ice Hockey Committee and the International Ice hockey Federation.  Lockhart was also selected to the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto in 1965.